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So ... I've been noticing that a lot of photographer's blogs have been dedicated to their "top 10 of 2011" or something like that.

I'm too afraid to do that *squinted eyes*.   I mean, I don't want to offend any clients by not choosing from their photoshoot.  And the truth is, I have a favourite from EVERY shoot.

So ... I decided to post my one fave in each category ... here 'goes ...

ENGAGEMENT:  Zane & Tanya.

This couple is getting married in 2012 ... and we had a BLAST during their engagement shoot.  Full of laughs and hot moments *grin*.  My fave kind of shoot ... 

WEDDING:  Joel & Avin.

There were SO many great weddings this year, but this portion of the wedding shoot stood out to me.  Bride, groom, and a car.  Avin's legs went on forever, and Joel couldn't stop bursting into random songs ... a total highlight.  And I like the pic too *grin*.

COUPLES:  Brian & Oksana.

This Yaletown shoot made me LAUGH.  We had so much fun ... wandering the streets of Vancouver, pretending we owned it.  And I loved the chemistry between these two ... one of my faves, for sure.

FAMILY:  The Pue Gang.

So ... this may not be the most creative pic, or candid to boot.  There were some fantastic moments captured this year during the family shoots ... but this one stood out to me for one reason:  I was told it would be impossible to have all three little guys look at the camera.  But - I got it ... a sheer miracle *grin*.

MATERNITY:  Sawyer Family.

Angie was willing to do anything ... and I was able to capture this shot of her with her two kids while her hubby looked on ... I love this concept and her children really made it work!

Sorry.  I had to choose two ... I just had to.  A mom with her newborn does something to my heartstrings.  

KIDDIES:  Natalia.

I took so many pics of this little one this year ... and her most recent shoot proved to have my favourite kiddie image this year ...

And my fave image of 2011?  Well ... after looking through every photo and feeling like I'm trying to choose which child I like best (as IF) ... I decided on this one.  Why?  Because there was nothing else like it ... and it was an honour to be chosen for this shoot ... 

Fave Image of 2011:  Hannah & Adrienne.

Yes ... so those were some of my favourite images from 2011.  But I will tell you that I've just gone through my site here and been, like, "OH!  I forgot that one ... and THAT one.  Awe man, and thaaaaaat one.  Shoot."

The Daveyduck shoot, the Bralovich shoot, the Melissa's Family shoot ... Ruthanne and her girls ... then there's the weddings, the newborn shoots ... list goes onnnn and on.  Really, I'm feeling yucky that I can't choose them all.

So, thank YOU so much, so-so-much, for letting me be the one who you chose to capture these shots.  I still can hardly believe that I get to do this ... to be creative, to meet fantastic people, to do something I love.  I am so blessed ...

And I cannot WAIT for 2012.  It's gonna be goooooood *grin* ...

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  1. Thanks Tawn, we had such a blast too, you are so easy to work with, and you understood what we wanted. Can't wait to do it again!! Brian