[couples: Brian & Oksana ... Pt.1]

Their story, their faces ... too beautiful to have only one post.  So they shall have two *grin*.  

I've known Brian and Oksana for a number of years.  Brian sang in a group that traveled to different churches, with a focus on raising funds for Russia.  I, too, was with this group at times - and traveled to Russia with Brian twice.

Oksana ... well.  She's Russian.

Are you seeing where this is going?  *grin*

Ok ... I'll get back to that in a minute ... you came to see pics, right?  Well ... my camera started shooting almost from the moment we met at the Skytrain station.  Oksana really wanted a "city" shoot ... she comes from one of the greatest cities in the world, Moscow, and Vancouver in the fall is a pretty close second *wink*.

We took the train all the way to Yaletown ... and the day was absolutely perfect.  As were these two ... The chemistry between them was undeniable.  Married for several years, Brian and Oksana have an ease about them.  Smiles came naturally ... 

When Brian was in Russia, Oksana had been one of the translators.  Oksana remembers her girlfriends noticing Brian - although Oksana wasn't too sure.  But their courtship began quickly and they were married, despite the complications of their two countries ... 

Changing countries is not an easy thing.  My own mother is from another country, and I remember growing up with her being torn at times between her love for her homeland, and  her love for Canada.  

Oksana is definitely a Russian beauty, and is so very proud of where she's from.  She has grown to love Canada and her new life here ... but it wasn't easy.  Changing everything, moving your entire life, for love - it's a pretty amazing thing.  It speaks of her love for Brian.  Brian knows it ... and trust me; he feels just the same.

We now all go to the same church, and Oksana has even joined our Christmas ensemble this year.  So every week, her and I sing our little hearts out at the practice in preparation for the four presentations ... She was so excited to be apart of it - and it's going to be a great time ... 

I love this series of images ... I love how relaxed they were - especially Brian.  Being photographed seemed to come naturally to Oksana - but most men are a little apprehensive about the whole process.  Not Brian ... he was willing to do anything.  He knew that these photos were so important to his wife.  Not one grumble, not one eye-roll (which is pretty common with men *grin*) ... he was a Saint.

We had actually booked this session for last December ... and it never happened due to poor weather.  And Oksana didn't want a summer shoot; she loves the city in the fall.  She decided to wait.  Well - I'm happy that they had been so patient and waited for almost an entire year for this to happen - because i had a blast during this shoot ... 

I have a whole other post that I'm preparing for tomorrow ... so please come back and check it out.  We headed to a coffee shop, and the waterfront for some true "Vancouver" pics ... there was a stint with some pumpkins, and the cityscape with kisses ... 

So.  Tomorrow.  More.  See you then!

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  1. Great, GREAT pictures! You have done an amazing job of capturing two of my favorite people. Well done! Can't wait to see the rest....

    Auntie Ruth

  2. FABULOUS SHOTS! Great job Tania! You have certainly 'read' this couple right...they ARE beautiful inside and out! We love them both.