[family: Grandma & Granddaughter]

I've said it before, and I hope to say it many more times ... I love it when my camera links me to people from my past.  It gives me yet another reason to love my job.

I received an email from Adrienne a while ago, telling me that her grandmother would be in town, celebrating her 90th birthday, at the end of March.  She wanted to have a series of images taken, all in the city.

I lept at it.  A Grandmother/Granddaughter photoshoot in the city?  BRING it.

We met at the Vancouver Art Gallery and the rain - the RAIN - held off.  That was a miracle all on its own.  It had been raining for forty days and forty nights ... or something close to that.  But - the ladies brought their umbrellas.  And our photoshoot began.

I remember when Adrienne lost her mother to cancer.  I was in youth group and it was a very, very impacting thing for me.  Having someone lose their mother, when you're a teenager, it makes the frailty of life a very real thing.

So watching Adrienne with her Grandmother, Hannah, was just the most incredible thing to see.  Really.  The love was deep, the friendship was obvious ... 

Grandma Hannah is now 90 years old, and she is simply lovely.  Decked out in her houndstooth blazer with a wide belt, her double strand of pearls and her silver bob ... man.  She would put most of us to shame.  A real beauty.

I wanted to be aware of walking and changing locations - we were in such a great spot, but within a few steps there were so many choices.  Hannah is a city girl ... so off to the bus stop we went.

We spent a lot of time chatting, and Adrienne told me that her and her Grandma love the lounge at Hotel Vancouver ... well.  Say no more ... let's go.

... they were game for anything.  "How about a little dance in the foyer," I asked.  


"How about a little seat in the Thomas Train?" I asked.


... and then, some time to just be ... 

What an incredible time I had with these two ... Adrienne, Hannah - thank you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I loved every moment of being with you both ... I hope you love these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them for you.

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  1. Simply beautiful. Well done - A & H are beautiful souls

  2. Tawn! These are so beautiful. What gorgeous women you had to work with. You captured their love so beautifully.

  3. Those are awesome! Love seeing them together!

  4. The story and the love in these photos has me in tears. What a blessing and so worth celebrating with amazing pictures! Well done, Tania!