[events: Noah's First Birthday.]

"Yo ho ho ho, a pirate's life for me ... "  Oh, come on.  Can't you just hear it?  *grin*

What better theme for a one-year-old's first birthday?  Little Noah didn't even realize the party was for him ... and his Mama had thought of everything.  Including a photographer for the event *wink*.

I love photographing events.  It means that the host/hostess doesn't have to think about anything other than just visiting with their guests and celebrating alongside them.  Moms can tend to panic about missing moments with their cameras - so having someone do it for them is just one less thing for them to have to worry about *grin*.

From the perfect pirate cake (it was almost a crime to have to cut into it ...), to the "pirate" names given to the guests ... the pirate theme was all around.  I think I was "Tania Red Beard ...".  Not quite sure how to take that *grin*.  It was close to "redhanded" ... but not quite *wink*.

The guests simply enjoyed the sunshine, and having their kids run around the backyard.  A first birthday is always about freedom and playing.  There was no agenda - other than the whacking of a pinata, and the munching of birthday cake.  

Noah's the youngest of three.  THREE.  I can hardly believe that Henri and Cara have three *grin*.  They are so blessed ... two daughters and a son.  And they are packing up their family in the next number of weeks and heading back to Corsica, France to pick up where they left off.  Both girls were born in Corsica, but Noah was born here ... and now that his first year has passed, Henri and Cara are ready to get back to their adventure in Europe.

I so admire them.  Moving 15 minutes from my parent's house is a big deal around here *grin*.

So, it was a first birthday - for sure - but it had the overtone of a "good bye" as well.  Henri and Cara had their "village" represented - and I wanted to capture as much of those moments as possible ...

I've known Henri since kindergarten.  In fact, his mom was my kindergarten teacher.  Seeing him with his family ... there really are no words.  Life long friends are a real gift ... 

And of the 160+ images that I completed and edited for Henri and Cara, this final one is my favourite of a series of photos taken during these few moments.  It wasn't exactly staged - but Cara's mother-in-law simply wanted a photo with Cara.  And as the photo was being taken, she started telling Cara how much she was loved, and how proud she was of the woman she had become ... my shutter kept going - and I think it's obvious to see that this is a very, very special family ... 

Henri, Cara ... first off - congratulations on making it through the first year with three kiddies *grin*.  And secondly, I wish you every blessing, every happiness, as you head back to the place that you feel called to.  I pray the transition is uncomplicated and that you continue to have a peace about the choices you make for your incredible little family ... it's gonna be great for you guys!

Thanks for the invite with my camera ... it's always a pleasure to have my lens included *grin*.

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  1. Well done, Tania. I have tears in my eyes...you captured this occasion so beautifully!

    Love, Auntie Ruth

  2. What more can I say? Ruth took the words right from my mouth. Or fingers, I guess. :) I love all the pictures of the kids, which will be perfect to have with us in Corsica as reminders for my kids of their friends back in Canada. We use pictures as a focal point to talk about our loved ones, who they are, what we miss about them, how we can pray for them, etc. These pictures are going to be perfect for that! Thank you, Tania!

  3. This was much more than a birthday party and you captured the time together wonderfully!

  4. thanks so much, everyone :-)!!