[business: Favorite Finds.]

I've been getting a lot of phone calls lately asking for still-life photography.  And it's not that I haven't been interested in still-life, but I just haven't really focused on it.  I love the emotion of people, the interaction, the experiences.

So when I received a call from Antonella Jukes, owner of Favorite Finds in Maple Ridge, I was excited for the new challenge.  She is in the process of creating a new website for her home decor store - which, I might add, is far more than just that.  Bath products, cooking specialties, baby gifts, jewelry ... as well as candles, greenery, dishware.  It's a haven for any one who likes the very best.

Here are a few of my favourite images that I took ... 

The store is stunning ... Antonella's eye for vignettes and groupings is truly lovely.  The products she chooses to sell are unique and useful - all at the same time.  This is a place where you could find that special item for that special person.

Thank you, Antonella, for asking me to be a part of this special project.  I look forward to working with you again!

** please note that I am currently working on creating web/still life packages.  they should be up soon on my RHP site. **

For all enquiries, please visit my RedHanded Photography site and click "get in touch".  Thanks so much!!

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