[maternity: Jeremy & Shari Pue]

I get calls from all kinds of wonderful people.  People who have clear ideas of what they want, people who have no clue where to even start.  I get contacts from traditional people who want the simple "stand beside a tree" pic, and from non-traditionals who prefer something more creative, more candid, more edgy ... 

If you've been following my blog here, you'll notice that my style changes from shoot to shoot.  There are BRILLIANT photographers out there, whom you can recognize their work a mile away because they have a style, a mark, a way that they do things ... I so admire that.

But.  That's not me.  

I like the challenge of a vast variety of clients ... and being forced to adapt to each situation.  Sometimes I am panicked about how to be original, and other times, I'm super relaxed with the standard-way the photoshoot goes.  


When Shari contacted me ... I won't lie.  I panicked.

Now, I don't know Jer and Shar super well.  I know their family, and LOVE their family.  But you know when you meet super cool people, and you're like, "hmmm ... I'm so not as cool as them - I hope I don't make a fool of myself ... ".  Well.  That's how I felt when I met them ... so when they chose me to take their pics, I started to ... well.  Panic.

I don't think they could tell though *grin* ... but I guess the secret's out now.

We chatted about the images they were hoping for, and I soon realized that this was going to be super relaxed, and super fun.  I literally plucked out 3 thorns from my fingers yesterday (yup, four days AFTER the shoot) that I got while whacking down some scary shrubs ... love my job *grin*.  

We met at their place, and they hopped in my van (yup.  a van.  leave it alone ...) and we headed just down the street where I thought we could snap a million pics.  And I was right.

Jer's the middle brother of the Pue boys.  He's talented.  Kind.  Three-quarters Irish.  And he LOVES his wife.  And she loves him ... like, REALLY loves ... not just the, "oh - he's super cute." kind of love.  I mean, LOVES him.

And Shari ... I don't think she even knows how cute she is.  She's stunning, and quick to smile ... and she traveled all the way to the other side of the planet with her hubby to support him as he helped minister down in Auz.  Not every woman would leave everything she knows to do something like that without a fight ... 

So.  Makes sense that they're having a baby ... I mean, with all that love to share - a wee one is the  obvious next step for them.

Jer and Shar ... you made my day by choosing RedHanded Photography for your pics.  I could've stayed with you both for hours - and happily snapped a million pics.  

Not only are you adorable on your own, you are perfection together.  This baby is going to be a part of an incredible family - from you as parents, to the aunts and uncles, and grandparents.  I'm so excited for you both ... the journey you are starting is the best part of life.

So.  Thank you ... for being a part of the worlds longest blogpost *grin*.

For all enquiries, please contact me at my RedHanded Photography site and click "contact", filling out the required info there.  Thanks! 


  1. LOVE this shoot! What a gorgeous couple!

  2. Love the "sunrings around them" shots! And him holding the blanket around her... love-infused moment, adoring, cherished. Good job on capturing that, Tania!

  3. Love them! The pictures and Jer & Shar! Great job Tawn!

  4. Really LOVE them! The pictures, Jer & Shar (mostly Shar), and my nephew :) Tawn - Thank you Thank you - you are amazing!

  5. GORGEOUS!! She is stunning isn't she? So so great Tawn!