[IHeartFaces: B&W 10th Place!!!]

I am SO excited!

I woke up this morning and thought I'd check out the "I Heart Faces" page to see if any winners were announced.  Honestly - I had gone to so many of the incredible sites and seen so many fantastic photos - that I really wasn't expecting to find anything ... 

There were 985 entries.

And there it was ... MY image!!!

What does this mean?  Well, the top image won a $100 gift certificate - 10th place doesn't win a prize per se.   But I feel like a winner *grin*.  

The judge was from Bebbs Studio.  You can "like" their FB site HERE, if you're interested in their work.  And see the Top Ten at the I Heart Faces site HERE.

On another note ... I'm working FERVENTLY on my new website.  It's almost done - and you know how it goes when you're almost finished ... it seems like it'll never end.  Now, I'm not a web designer - so the details are making me go cross-eyed.

And I'm my worst critic ... one moment I love what I'm seeing - the next - I think it looks like a non-web-designer made it.  Yuck.

So ... the big launch is April 1st; I have a bit more time.

What else?  I'm working on a photoshoot that I took of a friend-photographer and her family.   She was 37 weeks pregnant and I really love how it's turned out.  The problem - I took too many pics, so I have to continue to whittle it down *grin*.  Not a bad problem, but a time consuming one *bigger grin*.

Ok ... that's it.

Have a great one!


  1. I saw that and immediately recognized your name and photograph. Congratulations!! Totally cool!