[iheartfaces: White Challenge.]

iheartfaces threw out another challenge this week:  WHITE.  Yeegads and little fishes.   I always tell my clients to not wear white ... except for brides *wink*.

So.  this is the image I chose ... I'm entering it ... and it's a perfect liaison to tomorrow's blogpost.  This couple came back and got a few more pics done alongside their family ... 

Come back y'all ... (I have no idea where the accent is coming from ... ).


  1. This is so great! Love the everything about this photo.

  2. Wow this is awesome! I bet they loved it :) Frame worthy for sure.

    You can see my entry here:

  3. OMG so cute! love this shot :))

  4. Thanks SO much everyone :-)!! appreciate the love ... But MAN am I smacking myself ... I just realized that I have the "iheartfaces" link on my sidebar and didn't have it in my actual post!! My bad ... ack.

    There's always next week :-). Congrats to all of you who's images captured the hearts of so many!!