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So.  This is pretty much a Part II from the last family post (you can see that HERE if you missed it) ... and such a fun post to put up ... 

When I get such a large group, it means that we can do so many different groupings.  Some are more posed and necessarily so ... some are more creative ... some are candid.  Like this one ... three generations of ladies, including Trish - the birthday girl *grin*.

... yeah, and this one's of the guys *grin*.

We got the kiddies together with their mom.  Except, they're not so kiddie anymore *wink* ...

And the whole gang together ...  Cole and Abby held hands without even being prompted.  A brother and sister who get along?  Love that!!  *grin*

Ed wanted to look his best ...

... I guess it worked *grin*.

Then the grandparents needed a few pics with their grandkids ...

And a few more of the whole gang ...

Then there was Brad and Katherine ... remember them?  Of course you do ... I've been setting up a preview for this for a few days now *grin*.  Their wedding was one of my all-time faves, and their good looks are on the opening page of my RedHanded Photography site (you can see that HERE)

Brad was a pro ... and Katherine?  She really is full of fantastic personality *grin*.

Jeff and his wife, Diana, just took it all in - so easy going.  So great.

The birthday girl, herself.  Man ... I hope I look this good at 60.  Thems some great genes *grin*!

And Ed and Trish wanted their photo done with flowers in the background.  This, however, proved to be a bit of a problem when the store manager came out and pretty much asked us to leave.  But I managed to get a couple of pics in none-the-less.  And it all worked out, with a few laughs along the way *grin*.

Doing shoots with so many people can be daunting ... it can be chaotic and time consuming.  But not with this group.  We walked and talked ... while photos were happening with some, the others would laugh and talk, catch up on the little things that had happened that week.  They were so great to share their ideas, and work with the ones I had as well ... I really had a great time with this bunch.

So .. to all of you ... Ed, Trish ... Peter, Shelley & kids ... Jeff, Diane ... Brad, Katherine ... thank you for choosing me to capture your incredible family.  Shall we say, same time/same place next year?? *grin*.  

For all enquiries, please contact me by heading to my RedHanded Photography site HERE and clicking "get.in.touch".  Thanks!

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