[events: Silvia's Birthday Bash.]

This post is a wee bit different.  See - Silvia is my sis-in-law ... so this post isn't a client post.  This is a "gift post".

One of the greatest things I've found, as a photographer, is being able to give the gift of photography.  I love love love being able to do this.  Althoooough, I have found that sometimes family members conveniently leave their cameras behind if they know I'm going to be there *wink*.  But giving the gift of photos at an event means that those who are busy helping and creating, don't have to worry about missing out on anything.  I think it's the perfect gift - but I might be biased *wink*.

This party was a "milestone" one ... and Silvia didn't have a clue.  Oh, she'll say that she "knew it," but she didn't.  The look on her face couldn't be rehearsed.  She was sur-prised.

It was a full-on-Italian-family affair.  My mother-in-law prepared so many incredible Italian dishes ... no wonder my scale told me lies the next morning *grin* ...

One of the great things about Italian gatherings, is that is IS such a family event.  You don't just invite friends, you invite all of your aunts, uncles, cousins and your cousins kids.  The energy is crazy ... and lovely.

My mom-in-law was anxiously waiting ... can you see her fingers?  She does that when she's nervous ... 

We waited and waited ... Silvia and her hubby live in an upstairs suite from my in-laws.  Everyone was waiting and my mom-in-law was yelling up the stairs in Italian ... then the family would laugh.  How Silvia never heard us, I'll never know ... although - I'm pretty sure she was getting a clue at this point ... 

There was a game, with prizes.  My mom-in-law had created a series of questions ... and in true family style, everyone cheated *grin* ...

Dessert went on and on and on ... so many, so yummy.  And the cake - with it's flame-thrower-candle (well -clooooose) was de-vine.  You had better not be lactose-intollerant at an Italian feast - or you'll miss out on all the cream ...

Silvia, HAPPY HAPPY Birthday, sis!!  You are one of a kind, you are full of wonderful-ness and here's to the next "milestone" in another decade :-).

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  1. Great Job T & Sylvia you're beautiful! Happy Birthday!

  2. I love Lu's expression in the background of the flaming cake picture! Looks like a great party. And now I'm hungry!

  3. ... he was singing "happy birthday" :-) ...