[iheartfaces: Tickled Pink.]

I love "I Heart Faces".  It's a way to be challenged, critiqued, supported and to connect with other photographers all over the world.  Each week they set up a "challenge".  Last week, my image placed 9th.  I was pretty pumped about that *grin* ... 

This week, the theme is "Tickled Pink" - in support of Breast Cancer Awareness week.  My grandmother died of breast cancer when I was 10 years old ... so this cause is dear to me.  I wish I could've set up a shoot to reflect that, but instead - I thought I'd post this pic I took during a single-mom-shoot I did a while back.

I love this image ... it's was a special moment between mother and daughter.  Intimate and dreamy.

Hope you like it too ... and go check out the "I Heart Faces" site for more incredible entries.

Have a great one!


  1. I love the contrasts in this photo - big & small, dark & light, defined & "dreamy", the greenness of the grass & the pinkness of the mom's shirt. A perfect choice for this challenge!

  2. Absolutely love the backdrop and the way mom's and daughter's shirts pop! Nice shot!

  3. love the composition...it also makes me want to know what they're talking about :)

  4. Beautiful! Love the reason why you picked this one.