[portraits: Cheyenne & Her Guitar.]

This shoot made me feel old.  Well.  Kinda old.  No ... wait.  Plain 'ol old *grin*.

Meet Cheyenne ... the daughter of friends of mine from a youth group I attended when I was in jr. high.  I met her dad when he was in gr.9.  And her mom?  I feel like I've known their family forever.  Plus, Cheyenne's dad's brother married my cousin ... did you get all that?

Yeah.  We're pretty much related *grin*.

Cheyenne is in love with music, and is spending her time fine-tuning her craft.  She's played in coffee shops, done some youtube videos ... and now, she needed pics.

So.  She sent me an email.

We met up on a super sun-shiney day.  And this young lady was up for anything.  "Just tell me what to do," she laughed.  Ok.  Cheyenne ... can you climb this fence and head into the forrest?


This was a super fun shoot ... even with the clock ticking, as I had to be somewhere in an hour.  But we still managed to change locations and pull over every time something looked interesting ... 

One on one shoots definitely have their perks.  Time, for one ... but even better, conversation.  I had such a lovely time with Cheyenne ... chatting, learning, asking.

I love my job.

Miss. Cheyenne ... I hope all your dreams come true and that you find yourself somewhere you hadn't even thought to dream of ... thanks for thinking of me for your photos.  You are lovely.

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