[wedding: Joel & Avin .. teaser.]

I don't usually do "teasers".  I mean.  It's just more work - right?  And sheesh - who needs that??  *grin*

But one reason I do teasers is because it's a way for me to show what I'm working on - without having everything finished.  I've done the "in-between-the-ceremony-and-reception" pics  ... but I have the befores, the ceremony, the family pics ... all left to do.

Thus ... no full blogpost.

But here's a taste ... mmmm.  Yummy.

I've asked if they wouldn't mind just getting married again ... just so I could do this 20 minute shoot on some random road in Langley.  I love how these turned out ... I love this couple. 

It's a win, win.

Stay tuned!!

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  1. really love how these turned out, too! great posing.