[events: Suzanne's Bridal Shower.]

This weekend, we're adding a member to the family.

My hubby's bro is getting married to the lovely Suzanne and this past Sunday all of us "sisters" threw her a bridal shower.  You may remember this couple from THIS shoot and THIS one too ... 

My sis-in-laws are incredible.  Both are extremely talented and have such a vision for details.  I, on the other hand, simply like to take the images of all their hard work *grin* ... 

It was held at my mom-in-law's home ... and, in true Italian fashion, there was a lot of food.  Skewers of bocconicini, grape tomatoes and a basil leaf, cups of fresh cut veggies with dip at the bottom ... there was cannelloni, marinated pork tenderloin, salad and yummy treats of home-baked cupcakes, meringues with cream and raspberries and a table full of bakery delights.

It wasn't a surprise ...

My one sis, Silvia, owns a party store called "Party On" ... she is dang good at what she does - and if you ever need any party supplies or help ... she's the one to call.

It was an afternoon of both sides getting to know each other, and celebrating the joy of having Suzanne in our family ... 

We had a sit down lunch ... no body wanted to mess the table up, though *grin*.

My mom-in-law ... isn't she the cutest??  You'd never make another lasagna again if you tried hers.  I've been married for 13 years and have NEVER made one.  Why would I?  She'll make us hers, any time.  And it's perfection *grin*.

There were gifts ... lovely gifts.

Suzanne and her girls had gone to the gun range ... those things in this special box?  The bullet casings *grin*.

... the perfect apron.

And slippers that dust hardwood floors *laughing* ...

I actually didn't get to stay for the entire thing *blush*.  I had another appointment I needed to be at that evening, so I missed out on some of the fun ... boo.  But I know that every girl there had a wonderful time, left well fed and had sore cheeks from smiling so much *grin*.

And I for one am REALLY excited about the wedding on Saturday.  I will be photographing the civil ceremony - a small, intimate gathering.  And then I get to party it up for their reception downtown, and be a "guest" ... 

Joele.  Suzanne.  You've chosen well ... and I can't WAIT for you two to make the cutest Italian/Chinese babies EVER *grin*.

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  1. what a great looking group of women! and a fabulously detailed shower - well done Ladies!

  2. A very fun event captured beautifully. The Italian/Chinese babies comment...adorable. (Definitely going to be cute!)