[engagement: Joele & Suzanne. Pt2. ]

Joele.   Suzanne.  Part Two.

Did you see Part One?  Oh, one of my faves for certain ... Yeah, yeah - I say that a lot.  But I'm pretty invested in most clients - and these ones are no exception *grin*.

You met my bro-in-law and his fiance in my last post.  And here's the post on the second location.  Funny ... the first location was Joele's favourite, and Suzanne actually preferred the second.  Glad I did both *grin*.

So ... from our first location, we hopped in our vehicles and headed about 5 minutes south to a little spot I had noticed the week before.  I had told them to bring their boots *grin* ... it was murky, for sure.  

I live in my boots when I take pics ...

I tossed down a blanket, told them to plant themselves down ... and started snapping.

I love this one ...

I love the way these two interact ... honestly, as I went through the massive amount of images I took, so-so-so many were full of spontaneous laughter.  Truly.

... and genuine smiles.

... then, they'd try and be serious.  Sensual.  Models.

And then ... bursts of laughter.  Again *grin*.

And sorry, Joele.  She's so stunning, that most of the time my lens went straight to Suzanne *grin*.  I can tease him about that ... after all, he's my bro.

You'd think they could find the blade of grass that I asked them to pull ... *laughing*.  Nope.  But it sure made for a great series of pics ... 

I really couldn't go wrong with these two.

And when they were able to pull it together for a split second ... it was magic.

Actually.  I think I just might ask for a "re-do" with these two.  I mean ... now my head is full of ideas and locations ... 

Maybe for a maternity shoot in the next five years *grin*???  (Joele's gonna hang me for that one ... )

Joele, Suzanne.  YAY!  Thank you for letting me be a part of this incredible time in our family's lives.  I really feel like this was something small that I was able to do for you both, to let you know that you're loved and welcomed ... and *eek* ... I'm so excited for January 28th!

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