[engagement: Joele & Suzanne. Pt1. Industrial.]

Before I even start ... there needs to be some explanation on this one.  Or maybe not, but I'd like to anyways *grin*.  See ... a lifetime ago, I married Lu and he had a brother who was 9 years younger than him ... Joele.

I've almost been Joele's sister longer than I haven't been.  Does that make sense?

So ... when Joele got engaged to Suzanne in 2011, our entire family was THRILLED and waited to hear of a "date".  There were a number of reasons why they just couldn't get one nailed down, and so just before Christmas they decided ... January, 2012.

EEK!  That's not a lot of time ... 

Now, being the sis-in-law, I'm not the photographer for their actual wedding event.  They wanted me to just be "family" and enjoy the day with them.  Sooo sweet of them, but it would've been great either way *grin*!

But I did get brave and offer to do an engagement shoot with these two.  They whole-heartedly said, "yes!" and we made it happen.  I scouted out a couple of locations, with the idea of having two very different shoots with two very different wardrobes.  I wanted one more edgy/urban/current ... and the other more cozy/calm/relaxed.

They gave me the thumbs up to that.

So ... without further a-do, let me introduce you to my bro-in-law, Joele and my new (yippee!!) sis-in-law-to-be, Suzanne.  

She's fierce ... fiercely intelligent, fiercely funny, fiercely beautiful.

And Joele adores her.

I tried to get him to get in for a kiss ... and these two couldn't do it without a good chuckle.  That's ok ... sometimes those moments make the best photos *grin*.

They really had no expectations ... were willing to do anything.  They both said they were nervous - and felt that they weren't photogenic at all.

Um.  REALLY??  I don't think so ...

Joele works with my father-in-law ... he's a man of many talents.  Builder, framer ... he does renos like no-man's-business.  In fact, he just finished my own parent's home reno.  They were beyond thrilled.  Just a little promo thrown in there *wink* ... 

And Suzanne works at Virgin Radio after she did her schooling at BCIT in marketing management.  

And together, they're magic.

Their January wedding will be simple and intimate.  Their "party" will be held at Brix in Yaletown.  It is going to be centred around great people and great food ... definitely a quality event *grin*!

I can hardly wait.  And seriously ... as I'm typing this, my little guy just said, "... are they married yet?"  And I replied, "... no, sweetheart.  But soon.  And she will be your Zia (Italian word for "auntie") forever."

He looked at me and said, " ... she's a really young Zia."

Trust me.  I can't make this stuff up.

SO.  That's the FIRST post.  Yup.   There has to be two.  Why?  Because I've only shown you bits of the first location ... so be sure to come back and see these two get cozied up in a field.


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