[family: Shawn, Erica & Kiddies.]

I won't lie.

When a collegue emails me, asking for a session - I get a wee bit nervous.  Why?  Simply because us photographers like things done a certain way *grin*.  What we take, how we take it, how we process and edit ... we know what we like and what we don't.  But I guess the mere fact that she contacted me meant that she liked how I did things ...

So, yes.  I was nervous.  But excited.

She's pregnant with boy #3 ... and is absolutely stunning.  I love what she chose to wear - her tights were killer ... and pearls and leather.  Perfect.

Now, this was the first time I actually met her - but her hubby and I go way back to the days of church-youth-group.  Oh how I love reunions *grin*.

Especially ones where I can take pics *bigger grin* ...

Their two boys, Zion and Vannden (how great are those names??), were super cute - and kept me running for sure.  Family shoots always have an unexpected element to them ... you never know what you're going to get with young ones.  But these two knew exactly what to do *grin* - Erica has them well trained ... 

I mean, SERIOUSLY ... how cute are they??

Erica wanted a Maternity/Family shoot ... like most moms, she just wanted a few pics with her in them.  And as a photographer, I'm pretty sure it means just a little bit more to her than most.  See, when you capture other people's memories for a living - sometimes it stares you in the face how much you miss of your own journey.

So I just kept snapping ... and captured some special memories for this lovely family.

This photoshoot was pretty much a miracle ... we had already cancelled once due to poor weather - and the forecast for that afternoon was more rain.  But it held off for us, and as I drove away when it was finished - it literally started to pour.

So there you have it ... the stunning Miller family.  Wow ... so much fun that I pretty much would like another opportunity to snap them up again.  Hmm ... she's now only 2-days from her due date ... a newborn session perhaps??  


Thanks so much, Shawn and Erica, for choosing me.  So incredibly honoured and privileged to have been asked  ... 

For all inquiries, please head to my RedHanded Photography site HERE and click "get.in.touch".   And stay tuned - the BIG relaunch of my new site is happening April 1st!!  Can't wait to have it up ...

Have a great one!

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  1. LOVE THEM Tania!
    Thank you so much!
    And you are more than welcome to have us whenever you want!!!! haha!!!! I'm trying to move this little man along....2 days and counting! haha!