[iheartfaces: By the Book.]

I'm not a prop girl ...

Man, there are photographers out there who do it top-notch.  Me?  I find it tricky to stage things and make them look ... honest.

Ah well ... I'll keep working at it *grin*.

But, for this week's "I Heart Faces" competition, the theme was "By The Book" and an image ACTUALLY came to mind.  Probably because it's the only photo that I've ever taken with a book *blush*.

This little bundle was prayed for, for almost a decade.  And when she arrived - her parents rejoiced and believed that God came through for them in a magnificent way.

She is already resting on His promises.

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  1. Very beautiful and meaningful. Well done.

  2. Beautiful...great minds shoot alike. :-)

  3. So sweet. I can imagine that the parents loved this image!

  4. so sweet! what an adorable image.

  5. There are no words to describe how beautiful this is...literally and it's meaning. I also love the contrast of the newness of this baby to the well-worn Bible. (Btw...appreciate your comment on my pic... so glad so that I could find your blog!)

  6. P.S. I'm glad to read your admittance of not being a prop-girl. Lol. I'm kind of awkward with them, too. I catch the candid stuff, so doing the staged thing is harder for me. ;)

  7. Stunning! Great capture! I too am still learning to make a "staged" picture look natural. Definitely a work in progress! I think this is just perfection!