[engagement: Aaron & Emma.]

Every time I talk about these two, I feel the need to have a disclaimer *grin*.  See ... this was not an engagement session ... it was a family-session, and it just happened that a family member was engaged.

But I LOVE couple pics.  So I asked if I could take a few of them ... so.  Please don't confuse this with any "official" engagement pics that they have done or will do ... 

Ok.  Enough of the disclaimer ... here's Aaron and Emma.


Aren't they lovely?

This photo makes me smile because I kept asking the family to move out of the shot, but they kept creeping back in.  On purpose *grin*.

Emma's a model.  Like, a real one *grin*.  So she played beautifully in front of the camera.  But I assure you ... she wasn't pretending.

And how brave were they?  I mean ... imagine - the entire family standing behind me ... chirping and jeering.  These two handled it like pros ...

So, yeah.

That's Aaron and Emma.  And our 7minute photoshoot *grin*.  Thanks, you two, for letting me snap these.   You really are ... lovely (hmmm ... I need to start increasing my vocab, I think).

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  1. So sweet! beautiful pics :)

  2. You did not have to tell me twice that she is a model. Need another word than lovely? Stunning. Her and your photos!

    Just so you know...you hooked me. Love your writing style AND photography. ;) I'm a sucker for both. (And I really dislike that word, but tell me, what else actually fits there? Ha!)