[family: Peter, Shelley & Kids ... ]

Ok.  I usually start these blogs with a little, "... I was so excited to get an email from ... " and I go on about my giddiness and such.  It's all real - for certain - but when Shelley emailed?  Oh man ... I was super, duper excited *grin*.

Shelley, and her family of siblings, wanted to do a family photoshoot for their mom who was celebrating her 60th birthday.  So fantastic, and I leapt at it - even though it meant a Sunday morning shoot.  I must've been excited to miss church *grin*!

So, for this blog, I'm dividing up this shoot into two parts ... this one is specifically of Peter, Shelley and their kidlets.  That's where this story is going to start ... 

Shelley.  Oh, I've known her forever.  I remember her at my old church as a preschooler, with her frilly dresses and infectious laugh.  And when my family changed churches, her family did the same just a few years later - and we ended up at the same church again.

I'm a few years older than her, but I remember her in Youth Group well - because I was dating a guy a few years younger than me *grin*.  Yeah, yeah.  Anyways ... Shelley was super creative, involved in drama and had a heart for worship.  She was a leader, and people would just naturally gravitate to her.  Everyone wanted to be her friend.

Shelley and I lost touch when she met Peter, her hubby now of 13 years, and time just ticked on by.  They had two children ... who are both pretty much taller than me now.  *wink*.

Brothers and sisters ... such a sweet dynamic.  And I just adored Abby's hair.  She's a real stunner.  And Cole?  A total stud *grin*.

We were in Fort Langley early on the Sunday morning - and it didn't exactly feel like August.   The trees seemed confused and where already shedding leaves.  But what was lacking in warmth from the sun, was made up with this lovely bunch ... 

Then Peter decided he wanted to take a few pics himself.  And little did I know, I was also   unknowingly having pics of me taken with that phone.  A paparazzi in the making?  Perhaps *grin*.

As strange as it sounds, it was a little odd seeing Shelley all grown up with her family.  I mean, her kids are older than mine - she's actually ahead of me in the game now.  Watching her interact with them, and her family who was chirping behind me ... and meeting Peter ... seeing them all together.  It was just so great.  Their smiles and laughter were totally legit.

So ... this collection of images were taken amongst other images of other family members ... so this was more like a "mini" shoot ... 

Peter, Shelley ... had so much fun with you and your precious family.  Thanks so much for choosing me *smile*.  Loved it.

And, just letting all of you readers know that I'm working on the rest of the images for the next blog post ... you're going to want to come back *grin*.  Remember THIS wedding??  Yup ... their super-smiles will be in tomorrow's post.  

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  1. Yup this is by far one of my favorite families!! I may not be one of the "ducks" but I sure love living by the pond! ♥ Thanx for posting this Tawn
    ~ Ruthanne :)

  2. Lovely pictures and awesome photography. Cute family!!!