[kiddies: Katia Rose ... Aged 2.]

So ... this is a little self indulgent, I know.  But hey - I take pics of my kiddies too *grin*.  And since today is Katia's 2nd birthday, I thought I'd put a post up just of her ... 

I took these pics a few weeks ago ... and I attempted to do a small photoshoot of her and her brothers today.  I have to say - she is IMPOSSIBLE to photograph.  She absolutely refuses to look at the camera, and I spend most of my time chasing her, calling her, begging her *grin*.  The boys think it's hilarious.  I think it's borderline entertaining ... 

What a woman.

So ... for today's post, here are a few pics of my baby girl.


I took a lot more ... but they are all of her running away from me.  She may be a bit of a  photographer's headache, but she's definitely a mother's treasure *smile*.

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