[engagement: Joel & Avin. Part II.]

Part II.

Joel and Avin ... her smile with the wattage that could light up a city, and Joel with eyes only for her.  I love being around people who are in love ... it's just so ... lovely.

There's something special about young love, for certain, but there's something equally magical about love coming when you least expect it ... and hitting you square in the eyes.

And you gotta love bumping into friends during a shoot ... this seems to be happening to me often *grin* ... 

So after a five minute breather, we took a little walk around - and while I was admiring the old buildings and landscape, Joel was admiring his fiance ... and really, could you blame him?

The photoshoot was over, but as we walked by the corner store, it screamed for just "one more pic" ... which turned into a dozen or so.  But the truth is, that time just flew and having to finish it up actually seemed a bit sad ...

Joel, Avin ... my heart leaps for you two.  I feel so incredibly privileged to be a part of your journey.  What an honour to watch you two grow in love and commitment to each other - knowing that God's fingerprints are all over your lives ... so, so exciting!  Can't WAIT for your special day ... 

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  1. fabulous! beautiful! gorgeous! what a great backdrop/building to shoot against!

  2. thanks so much, Susan :-). thanks for stopping by!