[wedding: Lee & Jenna]

A beautiful May day.  A super cute couple.  And a wedding.

Oh ... and me.  I was there too *grin*.

I had met Lee and Jenna a few months back, after having the pleasure of photographing a couple that they knew - you might remember them *wink* - Wayne and Chelsea.  

L&J were super fun to work with, back when we hung out together during the engagement shoot.  I could hardly wait to get this day started ....

It began at Jenna's home - and all the bustle that entails.  The bridesmaids were so sweet, and the mood was light and brimming with excitement.

I always love seeing the family dynamics on a wedding day ... watching parents and siblings go through those moments is always such a special thing.  Jenna's parents were enjoying all of it - very relaxed, full of joy for their daughter, and you couldn't wipe the smile off of their faces ...

The ceremony was in Cloverdale, and the reception in Fort Langley.  It was a traditional service, with beautiful original elements - one being tying a "cord of three strands" representing the couple's relationship with God.  

After the family shoot, wee had a whole bunch of time in between, so we headed to Derby Reach and took advantage of the incredible surroundings.

... and then there was the car.  Oh, the car that made every man stop and stare.  

Jenna was all smiles, and I knew that her heart was to document this special day.  Her love for Lee was thick and warm, and his for her was full of kindness and gentleness.  He was always making sure she was doing alright with her high shoes, and she would pull him in for a quick kiss whenever she could ... have you noticed a lot of kissing pics?  There was a whole lotta kissing going on *grin* ... 

I didn't stay long for the reception ... but you could tell it was going to be a PAR-TAY.

Lee and Jenna, what a privilege to share your day with you ... you were so great to work with, so helpful and easy going.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it!

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  1. Ohh these are great! Tania! Love the portraits.

  2. My heart melts when I see these....you capture so many lovely moments. Jacqueline