[family portraits: Larry & Wendy]

This photo shoot was a special one.  Not only because Wendy has worked as my father's assistant since I was a teenager, but because this shoot was celebrating her husband's birthday and a change in life for both of them.

Larry was full of stories ... stories of his youth, and of his adulthood.  He told of how he remembered the Fraser River being solid ice and how they had to use dynamite to break it up at the mouth of the river in Richmond.  He told of being a young child in Manitoba, and keeping warm with his siblings in the dead of winter while the faucet of dripping water froze.  I could've listened to him all day long ... 

And Wendy, she was full of smiles.  This is a lady with such incredible perseverance, such strength.  She has overcome so much... I was so incredibly happy to be able to do this for her.

And then, there are the "fur babies" *smile*.  Yup.  Larry & Wendy's dogs.  They are the sweetest little things ... although not super co-operative *grin*.  

Seeing a couple like this is such a beautiful thing.  And it's a reminder to cherish the day to day moments because life goes by far too quickly.  It's a hard thing to remember when your drowning in the busyness of life ... so I believe that God puts these moments in front of you as a reminder.

Larry & Wendy, thank you for allow me to capture this special time for you.  I wish you much strength and joy as you walk through this next chapter of life.

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