[wedding: Todd & Jenna]

I remember the first contact I received from Jenna - and MAN, was I confused.  "Didn't I just book you?" I thought ... 

Nope.  What are the chances that I would have two lovely "Jenna Weddings" back to back?  Apparently.., pretty high *wink*

The wedding took place at the lovely Hart House in Burnaby.  The building itself was celebrating it's Centennial birthday and had a lovely charm about it.  Behind it was the lawn that went on and on, down to the lake - and this is where the wedding ceremony would be taking place.

But, in true Vancouver form - it rained.  So out came the tents ... but the rain couldn't dampen the sense of excitement.  This was going to be a glorious day.

The girls were getting ready inside - and were full of chatter and perfecting their already "perfect-ness".   And they were ready to help Jenna with anything she needed ...

And "glorious" is the perfect way to describe Jenna.  She really and truly was the most stunning bride.  Her dress was simple and romantic, her hair was up and a vintage-style veil allowed her beautiful eyes to peek through.

... oh, and her SHOES.  They were just too cool.

... and the ring?  Oh, he must REALLY love her *grin*!

... and the flowers.  STUNNING.

... and then it was time.  Time for Jenna & Todd to have their moment.  It was time for the ceremony ... and the guests and family were more than ready.  They were ready to cheer them on.

... but first - I HAD to show this.  The kids.  The wagon.  The parents.  And my shutter going a hundred clicks a second ...

And then it was Jenna's moment - and it was spectacular.

The ceremony was full of traditional elements, along with communion and worship.  It was truly a sacred moment, but full of joy and smiles.

Can you see the love?  Oh, the love was THERE.  These two couldn't stop smiling, stop kissing, stop thanking God for this special day *smile*.  It was the sweetest thing ...

I had such a great time with this group ... and such a great time with Todd & Jenna.  In the short time we had, we were able to create some fantastic moments that they will be able to cherish for their lifetime ...

Thank you, Todd & Jenna, for a day full of memories - and entrusting me with yours.

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  1. I think these are my favorite to date, Tawn. Which is saying something considering your portfolio.