[family portraits: Scott & Celina]

Life is a funny thing ... it seems to be full of circles, full of being right back where you started.  

Scott and Celina are those people for me.  I have so many memories of them both as we were growing up, even though our lives never completely entwined.  Scott was the nicest guy - I remember going skiing with our youth group when I was 14.  He was the only one who made sure I wasn't left stranded to my death - when he was more than capable of black diamonding it with the rest of them ...  And Celina I met at summer camp, she was close friends with a girl I had known as a child - and I was mezmorized by her confidence, beauty and stature.  

And here we are - almost a lifetime later - and I'm taking photos of their family in a field.  How funny life is!

They were was such a pleasure, super easy going - full of little chuckles and sweet jeering between each other.  Their girls were beyond polite ... the oldest daughter with her hip style and the youngest with her shy smile, I knew it was going to be a great shoot ...

And Celina was game for anything ... when I asked he what kind of images she was wanting, she laughed and said, "Whatever you do, I'm sure I'll love."  Now THAT's giving a photographer some room ... and I really couldn't go wrong with these four.

The photoshoot was so relaxed - every time I suggested another location, another pose, another another another - they all just moved into position and put on their modelling faces.  

So THANK YOU Scott & Celina ... it's always such a privilege to be entrusted with capturing life moments with my camera.  But sometimes it means even just that much more when it's someone you've known forever ... 

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  1. Woman these are GORGEOUS. Seriously. That wide shot in the barn with the sunlight is stunningggg.