[family portraits: Matt, Tracy & Kids]

Now, for the ones who made it all happen ... Matt & Tracy.

M&T are friends who have booked me twice this year - I did a small family shoot for them back in the fall.  Tracy was "with child" *grin* and the glow off of her was almost so bright, you had to wear shades to look directly at her.  But now, the little one is here - and he ain't so little ... James is a handsome little guy - and Tracy assured me that he would be full of smiles - but alas, he was far more serious on the day of our photoshoot *grin* ...

And Matt & Tracy's girls are so sweet ... and with both mom & dad's good looks, my camera has fallen in love with them ...

And together - the moments were priceless ...

They are such a beautiful family ... two little girls, and a little man.  Matt and Tracy are so blessed.  And I'm pretty sure the glow that comes from them, is from knowing just how blessed they really are.

Thanks M&T ... you guys are not only wonderful clients - you are wonderful friends *smile*.

Awwwwe.  Isn't that nice?

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