[business: The Perfect Camera Bag.]

From the moment I bought my first SLR, I had been looking for the perfect "home" for it to live in.  It was a small SLR and it ended up living in a one-shoulder-sling-backpack.  But I quickly outgrew that ... 

Then I got a bigger case.  And I outgrew that.

Then ... I wanted to be all cute and stuff, and I got an Epiphanie bag (which I LOVE ... ).  But it doesn't hold nearly half my equipment anymore ... And truly?  It just isn't safe for me to try and put more in it than it naturally holds.

So.  For two years now, I've been looking for the ultimate camera bag.  I checked out Crumpler and although super funky, it didn't meet my needs of a roller bag.  I checked out Lowepro ... a fantastic product, but expensive.  I even checked out girly bags ... and found that I liked the "man-bag" even better at KellyMooreBag ... But again - not what I was really looking for.

Through all this time, I've kept going back - back to the first recommendation I ever got for the most perfect travel-camera-bag.  Thinktank.

Thinktank has amazing camera travel bags ... and today, I got my own.  *insert happy dance here*. The one I chose, after making myself go crazy trying to decide, was the Airport International.  And she (yes, it's a she) looks like this ... 

And the inside looks like this ...  

And I am one happy camper.

(ok.  so this wasn't a photopost *eek* ... but I just had to share *grin*.  For all enquiries, please contact me by heading to my RedHanded Photography website HERE and click "get.in.touch."  Thanks!)

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