[family: Raymond, Marian & Kayley]

Remember this wedding?  Of course you do ... I ended up posting three parts to it *grin* ... Well - Marian works with Sam and when she saw his wedding images, she contacted me about a doing a family session.

Winning.  *wink*.

We chatted on the phone and after suggesting a number of different locations, this lovely family of three decided to trek out over the bridge and meet me at Fort Langley.

Clients just looove Fort Langley.  And for good reason.

But as I chatted with Marian, I noticed concern in her voice about doing an outdoor shoot.  "My daughter hasn't been outside much," she told me. 

Little Kayley had surgery as an infant.  After her recovery, we had the wettest spring and summer in a long time and it just never seemed to be the right time to get her familiar with being outside.  Raymond and Marian weren't sure how she'd do with the session being outdoors.

Well ... let me just say this ... she didn't seem to care much at all about being outdoors.  She was just fine.  And lucky for me, she couldn't take her eyes off of my camera ... 

Every photoshoot is different - and this family definitely had their own goals for their photoshoot.  All they wanted?  Photos of the three of them ... nothing artsy, but rather a more traditional shoot, but with a lot of candid style photography thrown in.

We were doing so well, and after a few photos with her dad, I suggested Kayley have some taken with her mom.  But this little girl decided she was a Daddy's Girl that day (awe, it happens to every mom - doesn't it) and the tears flowed.

So we went for a little walk, and it calmed sweet Kayley down ...

... and Marian was thrilled to have Kayley not crying for a few moments as I snapped some "mom and daughter" pics ... 

Now ... it was August.  But the trees were so confused with our cold summer, that they actually started shedding their leaves.  Craziness.  But it ended up being perfect for little Kayley, who had never picked up a leaf before.  It became a new little game ... and my some of my favourite photos of the shoot *grin*... 

Thank you - Raymond, Marian and little Kayley.  Our time together was lovely, and it was so great to watch Kayley explore and experience things for the first time.  Thank you for choosing me ... I hope to photograph your growing family again soon *grin*!!

For all enquiries, please contact me by heading to my RedHanded Photography site HERE and click "get.in.touch".  Thanks!

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