[weddings: Sam & Lana - Part I ]


This has been the hardest post so far ... why?  Oh, not because of lack of inspiration - no, no -quite the opposite.  I just had to try and figure out how many posts I was going to do and how many pics were going to be in each of them.  Eek.  

This first post is a few of the "chosen ones" from the first set of 335 photos.  Part 2 will be their "after-the-ceremony-posed-pics" and the final post, Part 3, will be their reception.  Yup. There were a total of 750 edited photos to choose from.

Phewf *grin*.

Ok ... Sam and Lana ... Just saying their names makes me smile.  I honestly, truthfully, fell in love with these two.  They were just so brilliantly creative, and full of such obvious love for each other ... 

If you weren't invited to this shindig, you totally missed out *grin*.  I felt privileged right from the start ...  

When I met with Sam and Lana a few months back, I  really wasn't sure what their day was actually going to be like.  They had their ideas - a real combination of tend-setting-style and casual-laid-back-ness.  Sam was obviously full of personality and Lana, although she appeared to be quiet and demure *grin*, it didn't take long for me to realize that she was super witty - and totally not afraid to just be herself.

I was so excited.

When I arrived at "Dragonfly Acres", it literally took my breath away.  Painted barns (I was greeted by a peacock), gated fields, willow trees and rolling hills ... with the white chairs perfectly lined up, and the vaulted tents pitched with hanging  parchment lamps ... 

Oh, it was beautiful.  But that wasn't what was so endearing about this wedding.  It was the details - the "Sam and Lana" fingerprints that were all over ever nook and cranny.  Too many for just one post, for sure ... but come back - I've got way more to show and you'll be inspired by their creativity ...

Sam and Lana were so suited for each other ... and Sam was ready to seal the deal.  He walked around, greeting guests, laughing with his groomsmen and making sure that everything was being taken care of.

When Lana arrived, she was calm and quiet ... but you could tell that she was just a teensy bit nervous.  Not for the "getting married" part, no no - but for having all eyes on her.  This was going to be her big moment ... 

... well.  Maybe not tooooo nervous *grin*.

The stage was set ... 

The flowergirl was Sam's niece ... she was the cutest little thing - and needed some persuasion from the groomsmen to make it all the way down the "isle" ...

And when it was time for Lana to take her walk, the clouds looked fierce - but nothing ever came our way.  It was stunning ... and Lana made her way to meet Sam.

Their ceremony was simple and meaningful - although the minister was pretty sure they wouldn't remember a word he said *grin*.  Well.  At least that's what I remember him saying.

They were pronounced "Mr. and Mrs." and it was hard not to smile.  

They walked straight back ... to a little quiet spot on their own.  And their bridal party met up with them for some quick congratulations and "hi-fives" ... 

And now the clock was ticking ... the garden reception would be starting soon and no on was certain how long the rain would hold off ... 

But you'll have to wait for those pics in Part 2.  *grin*.  Soon.

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  1. Renee BeswitherickJuly 8, 2011 at 8:18 PM

    Fabulous pictures! You've captured a lot and I almost feel like I was there...thank you!!

  2. :-) ... wow! Thank you ... a really fantastic compliment, as my whole desire behind my photography is to capture moments that may have been forgotten. Having you say that you felt like you almost were there? *smile*. THANK YOU.

  3. These are just so lovely. They really capture the heart and the spirit of the day. It's not like photos, it's like a series of memories. Really excellent job :)