[family: Dave, Ann and The Gang.]

They needed a good family photo.  After all ... a family member had submitted the perfect pic for the  "Loony Shoots" photo contest I had recently.  And they won, with this photo ...

They needed a good family photo ... (although I kinda love this pic ... ).

So, the day started with an 8am phone call from a worried Ann-Therese.   "It's raining ... I've been up since 4am ... I can't believe it ... it's raining.  What are we going to do?"

I love a grandma who is passionate about being with her family!!

Well ... it was true.  It was raining ... and not just a little.  A steady drizzle - the very worst kind - and rescheduling wasn't an option.  With some of their family moving away, and other family members living in the city ... today was the day.  Rain or shine.

We decided on a school that was almost directly across from Dave and Ann-Therese's home.  Since all of the family was going to be coming to their home for a get-together, she didn't want  them to have to cart their kids around town.  The less traveling the better.

We were going to make this work *grin*.

The school had a small awning around it's perimeter.  And a stairwell - which was grated and actually let larger drops of rain fall.  So it was actually dry in only a very small space.  Ok.  We were going to make this work *grin*.

And let me say this ... this group was SO accommodating.  They were easy-going, and Ann was just beyond thrilled that they were all together - it really didn't matter to her that these images weren't out in a field with blistering sunshine and tall grass.  No ... they were together.  And that was all that really mattered.

Not everyone had arrived ... but we were getting warmed up ... 

Then ... the last of the family arrived, and a couple of the younger children got a bit spooked. They weren't expecting to walk around the corner and have a large group and some lady *grin* with a camera staring at them.  So.  The parents sat with their kids on the steps for a few of the photos.  Again ... it was raining, there were tears ... and all of the parents just shrugged, smiled and said, " ... hey, we're all together."

Then ... out came the balloons *grin*.  Why not?  

So ... I didn't really feel that this was working *grin*.  It seemed to just made things a little more chaotic.  But they were bright and cheery ... just like everyone there.

Are you getting the feel for this?  So many people, such a little space ... but honestly, I was having SUCH a great time with this group.  

And there were a lot of them.  They're a blended family, with Dave and Ann-Therese both having two adults sons.  All are married - and combined they have eleven children.  What a fantastic heritage ... what a beautiful family.

And getting them all to look at the same time?  Now that was a bit of a challenge *grin*.  I must've taken two dozen photos of each pose ... 

... and then ... *poof*.  They were back to being relaxed ...

I wish I had a camera taking a photo of the parents behind me, beside me, beside the kids, while I was taking this "grandchildren" pic ... 

... and this one *grin*.  I love this one.

Then, as the grand finale ... Dave and Ann-Therese got a photo with all of their grandchildren. And by this time, some of the little ones were "done".  But look at the joy on Dave and Ann's face.  I love this ... 

And I love that this photo shoot completely represented what the day was like for them.  It wasn't staged, it wasn't "perfect",  it was real.  And I just know that when they look at these images, they'll smile and say, "...remember?".

So thank you, Dave and Ann.  So much.  First off ... for being all that you are to me and my family.  And for letting me be the one to capture all that your family is.  When I set out to do this session, I was so nervous about giving you the most perfect product I could ... and with the rain and everything ... I just didn't know what to expect.

But as I went through the completed 100+ photos - they literally made me smile, because in every photo all I see is love. 

You are truly blessed.

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  1. Oh man, I totally chuckled my way through that post! Well done in persevering with all those kids and all the moods flitting through the faces through that photo shoot! You managed to capture some really great family photos with everyone looking at the camera! Love it!