[contest: Loony Shoots: Winner Revealed]

Houston, we have a ... winner.

Thank you to everyone who participated in my first-ever "Loony Shoots" photo contest.  The instructions were simple:  send me your most embarrassing, ridiculous, outrageous family photo ... and if chosen, you would win a 50% OFF COUPON for your next family photo shoot with RedHanded Photography ... 

All of the entries were all highly entertaining (do your spouses know you sent these??? *grin*) - but one had me in TEARS of laughter.

The winner ...

*drumroll please*

Cara Straforelli with this entry ...

I love everything about this ... from the crying kids, to the Santa hat over the little boy's head, to the apparent "thumbs up" in the front row, to the mom being forced to drink from a sippy cup ... to the noose hanging in the background??  *GRIN*.

Congratulations, Cara.  Well deserved!!

And if you've maybe meant to get a booking, but haven't gotten around to it - or if you've mentioned it to me in passing, and nothing has been confirmed yet - I would love a chance to chat with you and make something happen.  Spring/summer bookings are at a premium and the only way to be fair is by having it first-come-first serve.  All bookings and / or enquiries can be made through my RedHanded Photography website HERE.  


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  1. Yahoo! I guess I can't say that I never win anything! Good thing this isn't like Facebook where I could "tag" people. I think certain family members wouldn't be pleased that I shared. :)