[engagement: Kin & Kristy]

Well, the photo season is simmering down.  And honestly - that's kinda sad for me. But with a pocketful of sunshine on a Saturday morning, we were in business.   Kin and Kristy were meeting me for their engagement session.

Kin and Kristy were a couple I met a few months ago - and I instantly liked them.  First off - they're pilots. BOTH of them.  How cool is that?  If any of you know me, you know that I pretty much sob during any take-off and any slight change in the "whirring" of the engine while in flight ... So these two are a bit like superheros to me ...

Of course, this just made them smile.

And smiling is something they're used to doing when together ... that's pretty clear.  When we met in Ladner, Kin was completely prepared - with up-to-the-minute weather updates and the knowledge of every nook and cranny it seemed.  I sure liked that ... must be a pilot thing.  No.  Wait.  I'm not a pilot ... 

And he loved this place.  Growing up in Ladner had made our photoshoot a sentimental one for him, with him even knowing who's dock we were trespassing on ... *grin*.  

And Kris - this was just a pretty place to her - but she listened to Kin's stories and smiled and laughed at the stories' endings.  Super cute - super fun.  Super couple.

With their wedding in April, this was a chance for us to get to know each other, to see how we work as a team.  And I can whole heartedly say, that THIS wedding is gonna be a good one.  Even though it will be small and intimate, it's going to be huge on family and knowing these two - full of good times.

And I can't WAIT to take their wedding pics in the airport hanger after the ceremony ... I just might lose sleep over that.  So thank YOU, Kin and Kris, for choosing RedHanded Photography.  It was a great, relaxing morning, and I can't WAIT for your special day...

For everyone else - I currently have three months booked for weddings in 2011 ... if you're interested in meeting your wedding with me, I would love a chance to get together and see if we're a fit.  Please contact me through my RedHanded Photography website HERE and click "contact".  Please include your wedding date.

Also - I am also taking bookings for 2011 for family portraits and events as well.  


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