[family portraits: The Rourke Family]

I've known these two for a long, long ... loooong time.  We've attended the same church, since "Adam was a cowboy" - as my mother would say - and we've seen each other basically grow from kids to teens to adults.

Treena's older sister is my age, and Lance's sister and I used to play in our church's orchestra for years and years.  So, it was a common thread ... sisters and friends, friends and sisters.

These two have quite the love story.  Treena remembers Lance all the way back to the age of two years old.  Can you believe that?  THAT is quite the memory she has ... and when the two started dating a few years back, it was like all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.  Everyone was, like, "Of COURSE!!!  Lance and Treena!!  Perfect!"

But like so many other couples, the dream of having children was one that didn't come as quickly as hoped.    In fact, they had their own difficult journey, which included looking into getting medical help.  And I never understand why this seems to be the reoccurring theme, but upon visiting the doctor for advice and possible treatment, the doctor discovered ... that's right ... she was four weeks pregnant.  

They chose to have their little one's gender a surprise, and only a few weeks ago, little Lochlan joined this incredible family.  And during this shoot, he was such a perfect little peanut ... not a squawk came out of him.  It was windy, cold, damp ... and he was just an angel.

This was more of a "mini" shoot ... we did the whole thing, from start to finish in about 25 minutes  in  There were no wardrobe changes, no inside shots, no travelling around town.  They wanted a simple family shoot that didn't disrupt Lochlan too much - and I definitely got some family shots.  180+, to be exact.

Lance and Treena, God continues to show you two such favour.  Your faithfulness to Him and to each other is so encouraging, so lovely to witness.  Your love for each other is the real thing ... you can see it in how you look at each other, hear it in how you speak to each other and now, with how you adore your son together.

Thank you so much for letting RedHanded Photography capture your little family ... I pray that these images will remind you in the years to come, of this very, very special time in your lives.

For all enquiries, please contact me through my RedHanded Photography website HERE and click "contact".  Thanks so much!

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