[contest: Loony Shoots]

Fellow bloggers, blog stalkers, photo grazers and the likes ... I'm having a contest.  And you are all invited to play along ... and if people get on board with the craziness of it - it's gonna be a hoot.  (hoot hoot).

Inspired by Ellen's "worse photo" segment that I've seen in the past, I've decided to host a contest called "Loony Shoots".  The idea is simple ... just enter your most ridiculous, silly, pathetic, painful or whatever other adjective you'd like to you use - family pic.  You can do this by emailing it to me at tania@redhandedphotography.com ... (Please note that any photo submitted will be viewed on this blog for the purpose of voting.)  All entries must be in by November 5th, 2010.

The runner-up (2nd place) will receive a Christmas Card designed by yours truly ... like some of these that I did last year ... 

And that was my own family's card ...

But the GRAND PRIZE - will be 50% off of a family photoshoot with RedHanded Photography.  It's a prize worth over $100.00 - and will be awarded to the family photo that receives the most votes from my readers.

Interested??  Leave a comment on this post - and let's get things started (yeah).

For all booking enquiries, please contact me through my RedHanded Photography site HERE and click "contact".  Thanks!


  1. I have a picture, I have a picture! What do I do - email it to you?

  2. ... email it to tania@redhandedphotography.com :-)