[family: The Ironmonger Family]

Ironmonger.  Isn't that a GREAT name??  

When Kim emailed me, I didn't realize the connection - but then found out that she is the SIL of some very lovely friends of ours ... and BANG.  I was so "in" for this photoshoot.

We met a a local park ... it was PERFECT weather for a shoot, and the colours ... oh, don't get me started on Octobers around here.  Stunning.  And this family fit right in ... just lovely.

I hadn't personally met them before, but I had heard such great things about them.  Clint and Kim began attending at our church a few months ago - and are already getting involved ... love that.  People who give back are just the greatest ... 

I hadn't done an "our kids are almost teenagesrs" shoot in a while.  Usually I'm running after toddlers *grin*.  But their kids were just fantastic.  Lexie was just the sweetest thing, and Dobson ... total character and the family loved his humour - as did I!  They were willing to go anywhere - try anything ... and smile smile smile.

My camera was on over-load ... I was snapping and snapping.  And they ended up with 175+ edited pics from this shoot.  It was tough just trying to figure out which ones to use on this site ... they were so much fun, so photogenic ... 

... and I have to mention this *grin*.  While I was taking this pic, wading in the water, I realized that my boot was filling up with water.  The back seam was totally split.  Oh MY.  We LAUGHED ... and I poured the water out.  But only after I took a few dozen shots ... 

Clint is a school teacher at the school that I actually graduated from ... we chatted about who's still there, how thing's are going ... I totally loved that school.  And Kim, so full of laughs and interacting with her kids ... this was SUCH a fun shoot.  

Thank you so much, Clint and Kim, for choosing RedHanded Photography.  Hanging with you all was not even close to being work ... such a pleasure.  And hey - see you Sunday *grin*.

For all enquiries, please go to my RedHanded Photography website and click "contact".  Thanks!

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  1. yaaa! Mr. I was my grade 7 teacher. love this family!