[family: The Eckert/Witt Family ... pt2]

I'm a bit behind here ... I have a stash of blogposts here, and have totally failed to post them.  Oops.  Ah well, that's what a Canadian Thanksgiving does 'round here ... makes you sleepy with turkey and then, well, everything's on a delay after that *grin*.

Part TWO of the Witt/Eckert Family Photoshoot:  The Eckert Family.  I've known Kev since he was - well - almost a lifetime.  He was my best friend's little bro - always such a sweet guy, always had a smile on his face.  He and Julia married and had three gorgeous kids - I'm sure you'll agree.

This is a family of faith, a family who's focus is so on God that you can't help but admire them.  They are raising an incredible family and it is such a privilege to watch them ... with them being a couple of years ahead of me with child-rearing, I'm taking notes.  Trust me *grin*!

Thank you, Kevin and Julia, for being a part of this great family photoshoot ... you are such a beautiful family!!

For all enquiries, please contact me through Redhanded Photography and click "contact".   Thanks!

Please note that this family was a part of three individual families booked as one.  Because of this, each family gets 1/3 of the time and variety of images.  It's an economical way to book a large family group, but due to time and amount of images taken, it is not as detailed as an individual family photoshoot where we walk around, shooting images in various locations.

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