[family: The Eckert/Witt Family ... pt1]

Doing a large group family shot can be stressful - but it helps if you've known the family forever.  And Kurt and Char are one of those families.

Char and I grew up together in our church ... both of us with a passion for music and worship, we were both involved in our early teens and became fast friends.  We were very different, yet very much the same ... and when she started dating Little Witt (Kurt's nickname at the church ...) it was incredible to see two people so young, find each other and make their lifelong commitment to each other.

They've now been together, longer than they've been without each other.  And that's saying a lot for two people in their early thirties ...   and their journey has had God's hand all over it.  By having God apart of every step, they have flourished and grown to be a couple of high integrity and loyalty.  Everyone LOVES Kurt and Char ... 

Our kids are almost the exact same age, with my little boy talking of marrying their little Paige pretty much from the moment he could talk.  She is a sweet, intelligent, talented young girl.  She has a heart for worship like her mom, and is a true leader.  

And dear, sweet Karter.  This little guy has had a journey of faith and has taught all of us so much.  He has had two brain surgeries to help alleviate the seizures that plagued the first year of his little life.  But he has now come so far - and grown into such a handsome, smiley guy.  And his laugh - oh my - if you ever hear it you will want to bottle it up and save it forever.  It's THAT good *grin*.

I love this family.  I love them for their friendship.  They are loyal, dependable, hi-LAR-ious ... they give God all the glory all of the time, and are true examples of what Christ-followers are to be like.  They are admired and loved ... so proud to call them friends.

... stay tuned for Part 2 - "The Eckert Family".  Then Part 3 - "The Group" ...  I edited almost 300 pics from this entire session - so there's a LOT more to come.

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