[newborn: Isabelle]

It's still a bit of a shock.   I mean is Jon REALLY old enough to be a father?  *grin*.  Of course he is, but you know how it is when you've known someone so long that when they venture into the world of parenthood - sometimes you have to do a double take.

Jon and Lisa are family.  My hubby and Jon are cousins, and Jon and Lisa have been together for almost forever.  So when they announced the birth of their little girl, Isabelle - I immediately called Lisa and pretty much begged for a photo session.

Here's the thing about babies ... they are born with a free will from the get go.  You can't make a baby do anything that they don't want to ... and they'll let you know it if need be *grin*.  And Isabelle had had a rough night with what was thought to be a sore tummy ... poor little thing.  But Lisa was a trouper - and said, "We'll get whatever we can ... " and was so low-stress about the whole thing.  No pressure for me, and showing a true mother's heart to her little one.

Little Isabelle was most happy being swaddled - which is always so fascinating to me.  All three of my kiddies were claustrophobic ... and would wrench themselves out of any blanket.  Not Isabelle ... off to dreamland she went ... 

And the blanket is so very special to Lisa.  So it was perfect that Isabelle wanted to have her photo taken only with it *smile* ... 

Jon and Lisa, you are on the most incredible journey of your lives.  You will never love like the way you love your child.  The joy they bring far surpasses anything else ...  So, so much love to you both - and we look forward to watching your little girl become who she is meant to be.

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  1. What a beautiful baby girl! Great shots, Tawn!