[newborn: Jayce.]

Every photoshoot is my favourite.  But when I get to reunite with a past bride and groom - there's something really special that happens.  It's like meeting with an old friend, catching up on life and reminiscing about one of the most important days of their lives.

So when I got an email from Cindy ... I was crazy excited.  Jason and Cindy were married last spring with a very urban-classy wedding in Yaletown.  You can revisit that post HERE.   And the email told me of the early arrival of their baby girl, Jayce (a name combination of Cindy and Jason *smile*).  Eek!!  So exciting!!

I headed down to Kits, one of my favourite parts of the city, and was welcomed into their Chintz & Co home *grin*.  It was fabulous ... But with their little girl arriving weeks early, they were still in the process of getting her room perfected for her.  But the truth is, we really do all of that for us (the parent), because all the baby really needs is a place to lay their head.  And some food *grin*.

Like every parent, Cindy and Jason have their own story of how Jayce made her entrance - and coming early always makes for a more nervous situation.  But she is strong and healthy - and would you believe, already a few weeks old at still under 6lbs.  So, these delayed newborn photos  still have a beautiful "newness" about them.  

Watching Cindy and Jason so relaxed, so at home with being parents - made documenting with images a simple task.  I almost wish, though, that I had video'd them because the little baby voices they used were priceelss *grin*.  I love how new parents have no shame in doing anything to calm and coo their little one *grin* ... 

... it's almost like little Jayce is purring ... *grin*.

Our original plan was to head to to the beach a few blocks away - but Jason and Cindy decided that Jayce was calm and happy in her own surroundings.  We ended up doing the entire shoot in their home - that way, Jayce could strip down a bit too *grin*.  

This photo is one of my all time favourites ... 

And although little, Jayce's long limbs were definitely a month old *grin*.  There was no chance of her tucking herself in, or huddling in a little cocoon ... But she was still little enough to feel safe in her daddy's arms ... 

And this photo was actually a fluke.  Little Jayce barely let out a cry the entire time.

Jason and Cindy ... well, well, well.  You done good *grin*.  Real good.  I'm so incredibly happy for you both, as you venture into the world of parenthood.  You two are going to be spectacular parents.  Thank you for keeping in touch, and I hope to be able to snap some more images of your growing family soon *smile*!  No rush *wink* ... 

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