[wedding: Jason & Cindy]

I met Jason and Cindy in the fall of last year - thanks to my cousin Steve, who suggested they check me out for their wedding photography.  I'm so glad that they did.   The time flew, and I could hardly believe that their day was finally here.  I was more than excited ... this day was going to be perfect.

Their story was one of out the fairytale books ... knowing each other since they were teenagers - and falling in love as adults.  And they fell hard ... it was easy to tell.

I met Cindy at her hotel room - with its amazing view of the city and full of the energy of her closest girls.  It didn't take long for me to realize why these were her chosen ... And Cindy's parents.  Their obvious pride in their daughter ... completely warmed my heart.

So many laughs happened in that hotel room ... with ice cream sundaes being ordered, and false eye lashes being admired.  And after all the pampering and exchanging of well wishes - it was time.  We were off to Brix.

Both the ceremony and reception took place at this fantastic jewel of a restaurant.  Its charm was lovely, and with all of Jason and Cindy's loved ones - it felt like a wonderful home-y gathering.  Love was thick, and so were the smiles.

The ceremony was simple and full of meaning.  Both Jason and Cindy tried to hold back their tears ... but to no avail *grin*.  I love that.  Sheer emotion on a wedding day is a great thing.  And after they were pronounced hubby and wife, out came the champagne and "I Gotta Feelin'" thumped along as people hugged and congratulated.   It was so great.

They were so excited to share their day with all their family and friends, that I almost had to yank them out of the festivities to get to our photo shoot *laughing*.  We had less than an hour, and although they enjoyed the calm and being able to spend a few moments alone, I knew that they had their guests on their minds ... the clock was ticking and they wanted to get back and par-taaaaay ....

So.  We headed just down the street and did things as fast as we could ...

We zipped back over to the reception and it was an evening all about them ... just as it should be.  So many lovely speeches, so much laughter - and tears - and all in all, a celebration of the two people who had found each other.

Jason and Cindy, what a remarkable thing it was to witness the incredible heritage you two both had.  And your friends were truly a fantastic group of people, full of support and it was obvious that everyone was so incredibly happy for you.

You have already a firm foundation of love and mutual respect, and I wish you a lifetime full of new memories, much joy and hey ... maybe a kid or two *wink*.

Thank YOU for letting my lens capture your moments.

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  1. Wow! You captured their special day so beautiful! I especially love the B&W pic of the two of them laughing - so real. Great pictures, Tawn!

  2. Beautiful couple, beatiful photos and beautiful memories!