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I am so excited to share this blogpost ... one, because it means that I have beaten the nastiest summer flu ever.  And two, because this reoccurring couple are quickly becoming my camera's BFFs *grin*.   

Jere and Shari have had two photo sessions with me.  Their first was a maternity shoot with truly some of my most favourite images ever (you can see that HERE) ... and their second was after Mac was born (HERE).

But Shari had a different shoot in mind.  This was a gift to her mom, and it was going to be full of love and just hanging out ... 

Shari's mom was nervous ... nerves are a pretty common thing, if you haven't had a camera in your face recently *grin*.  But as the shoot went along, we all just chatted and laughed.  Usually at the cuteness of Mac.  It's so great how a little guy can bring everyone so tight together ... 

When I do a shoot - there are no rules.  There are no limits to how many images, how many backgrounds, how many ideas.  We just keep going until I look at my watch and say, "Oh wow!  Where did the time go??"

And honestly?  This little family?   I could photograph them all day.  Really.  It's a bit of a problem ... *grin*

Ok.  I love this ... Shari - get out of the photo ... *grin*.

... and snuggles from grandparents is sometimes a bit tickley *grin*.

We had done the session at Campbell Valley park ... and there's this field there with the most perfect barns in the distance.  But more than the background, what was going on with this little family have made these images some of my most favourite ones .... again.

Jer, Shari ... three shoots in a year with you make me the luckiest photographer ever *grin*.  And Shari, for having me extend into your own family and be apart of a special gift ... thank you.  Really.  I'm a little addicted to taking pictures of all of you *grin*.


And before I sign off ... why dontcha show your little secret in getting Mac look at the camera? (oh, you didn't think I was going to let THAT one get by, did you?)


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  1. So cute kid and lovely family. Awesome phoography!!!