[newborn: Mac]

One NEVER knows what they're going to get with a newborn photoshoot.  Babies have their own little ideas right from the get go - but I think capturing their little personalities is so fun.  Whether they're strong willed, calm and quiet or even letting loose with their little lungs - parents love to have images that they can look back on and think, "yup - THAT's exactly what it was like ... ".

Enter: Jer, Shar, and Mac.  

This little family of three is still in it's very newest of stages - and as soon as I heard of his arrival, I made sure to get in touch with this amazing couple ... I couldn't wait to get my hands on this new little bundle.

You may remember Jer and Shar from their maternity shoot - one of my most favourite to date - and I knew that this laid-back couple would want pics of their new little guy done in a way that really represented them.

So with my brain in high-gear - I headed to their place, set up a little spot and turned and said, "If you have a special blanket, heirloom ... toy.  Now's the time to have it in the shot."  And that's when Jere's eyes lit up.

His guitar.

This isn't just ANY guitar ... and Jere's cool with calling it a "she" (I asked *grin*).  This guitar was a gift - one that had to be hunted down because they weren't being made anymore.  She's a beauty, but with Mac beside her - she became more of a big sister for him to lean on, rather than stealing the show for herself.  I mean ... seriously ... little Mac.  He's just the cutest.

... and - we also put him in the case.  He was NOT interested in sleeping, or lying still, or being on his tummy.  He didn't want to keep his head down, eyes closed, legs tucked ... He's Irish ... and even at less than a week old and under 6lbs, he wasn't going to be pursuaded. *grin*.

After doing a few "portrait" style pics, I took some candids of this little guy.  He was so yummy and calm.  And then - he decided he had enough.  He was hungry and time had run out ... 

Jere and Shar choose to not be a part of the photo session - they really wanted to have this be just about him and have images that reflected his newness.  But I've already told them - we've got to get together again and have a family shot.  At least one.

Maybe two *grin*.

Jer, Shar and Mac.  What a privilege it's been getting to know you and being a part of this incredible time in your lives ... thank you for letting me be a part of it.  I loved every second of it, and I wish you must rest, wisdom and laughter.   That sounds Irish, doesn't it *grin*??

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  1. Love them! And I love that he wouldn't cooperate :) A true Pue boy already! The one with the guitar is amazing!

  2. These are so GREAT, Tawn! He is adorable and you captured him so well!


  3. Absolutely amazing!!!!

  4. ... thanks so much everyone :-)