[maternity: Ben & Vanessa]

I won't lie.  There are a lot of pics in this post ... grab a coffee *grin*.

Vanessa had contacted me a couple of months ago, after doing the math and booking me for her maternity shoot ... and then, I got sick.  Oh, I had been battling some sort of icky-ness - but when we touched base the night before the shoot, I was already feeling so much better.  I couldn't wait to do this shoot.

I love studying the images of other photographers.  I stalk a few websites and blogs, admiring poses and the beauty.  There is so much out there to be inspired by.  Being a photographer herself, Vanessa knew what she was looking for ... and honestly?  I was a little nervous ... I surely didn't want to disappoint.

Their friends DJ and Sheri had been clients of mine - and Vanessa had really liked the photos from that shoot.  And then she saw the ones of Jeremy and Shari ... and loved them too.  So even with her own expertise and vast photography knowledge, she was so gracious - never making me nervous or uncomfortable.  It only took a few moments of being with these two for us to all feel like old friends ... 

Vanessa had been worried about the cold.  If there's one thing I remember about being pregnant, it was trying to make sure I didn't get sick.  You can't take medicine and it is DRAINING.  But the sun came out - and the early afternoon shoot was more than pleasant.  She simply put her coat on in between locations and never complained once about being cold ... 

Ben and Vanessa met at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC.  The best part?  They met in their Hebrew class.  HEBREW.  And Vanessa smiled, "he stood out - it's not like I was interested in dating guys in that class ... ".   HA!!

But there was Ben - and three years ago they sealed the deal.

This past summer, they headed to Europe.  They laughed and told tales of their time in Venice - how their favourite Andrea Bocelli song had played at the the most perfect moment during a stroll one evening.  Their eyes lit up as they finished each other's sentences about Austria and Germany ... such a great way to finish this chapter of their lives.

And ... I was so impressed with this couple.  Ben must've told Vanessa she was so incredibly beautiful a hundred times.  It was so sweet and not pretentious - it was so obviously authentic.  The vibe between these two was calm and loving ... perfect for a shoot like this.

Ben's finishing up his electrician apprenticeship ... working hard to be the provider for his growing family.  He was full of tips and hints - obviously a smart guy ... and she would beam with pride.  Such love.

The truth is, I could've taken photos of them all day ... but it was starting to get much colder and the the light getting less and less.  But seriously - every spot we went to, every pose, every smile ... these two were pros.

They are receiving 200+ edited images from this shoot - a far cry from the 40 or so I guarantee.  And this was the most I've ever done ... but when so many pics are "winners", how do you delete them?  Easy.  You don't.

Ben and Vanessa, it was such a pleasure to meet you both.  You have such a love and respect for each other - and it will trickle down into your new role as "parents".  I can't wait to meet your little one - and see you love more than you ever have.  It's going to be fantastic.

So.  Thank you for letting me be a part of something so extraordinary.  So wonderful.

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