[family: Warren, Melissa & Family.]

So.  I get this phone call last week ... from the aunt of a newborn who says that her sister realllllly wants newborn/family pics ... done by me.

EEK ( ... that's become my word as of late - because it's just too perfect).

I jotted down her number and within a little bit, I was chatting on the phone with the "supermom" herself:  Melissa.  Home with her newborn and 3 year old, amongst home renos and unpredictable weather ... her hubby and her didn't want to delay: they wanted pics ASAP.

A small bout with a 24hr flu bug forced me to postpone the original shoot date, but within a couple of days I was making my way over the bridge to their home.

I won't lie ... I'm always a little nervous when I show up at someone's home that I don't know.  But as soon as Melissa opened the door with her million-dollar smile, I instantly relaxed.  This was going to be fun *grin*.

Their home is in the middle of becoming total perfection, and in true "supermommy" attitude, Melissa was apologizing for things not being quite perfect through the renos ... I smiled.  It looked pretty darn perfect to me!

We headed upstairs to the nursery and out of privacy, I will not be posting the photos of the actual nursery - but as we talked while Melissa bounced her baby girl, I found out that Melissa had been following me on Facebook for a few months, and knew my work well.  Man,  I love a good FB stalker *laughing* ... 

And that began our photo session ... and little newborn Avery, and big sister Presley, stole the show *grin* ... 

I absolutely love this one ... Presley wasn't quite sure of what to do, but she knew that her mom could fix the problem.  She would look down, then look over at her mom, then back down at her crying sister ... waiting for some intervention.  It was super cute.

I love family shots that are casual and show true emotion ...

... and babyshots that show the newness and closeness with their mommy.

... I love this one.  It's like Melissa has a special secret for her sweet, little Avery.

And Warren is serious about being a dad, with new ink to prove his lifetime devotion.  And let's be honest, not every dad is cool enough to sport tat-sleeves.  These little girls have the coolest daddy ever.  

But honestly - what I loved most about this shoot?  Was all of them together.  This was a family.  A team.  How they spoke to each other, how they looked at each other ... how they laughed together.  It was hard to leave *grin* ... 

Then, there was this most spectacular plant in their front yard.  I had thought it was rhubarb, but was corrected - it was something else (plant names are not my forte) - but mannnnn ... I wanted Avery in it.  So ... you can't see him, but Warren was underneath the plant, holding up the leaf while Avery just chilled.  Oh.My.Word.  I took a million of these shots ... 

... and I snapped long enough to even catch a sneeze *grin* ...

Then big sister found some shelter too ...

... all while little Avery took a five minute break from her modelling stint ...

Warren, Melissa ... wow.  So great.  I had so much fun hanging with you and your little family.  You were so warm and friendly, and I feel like I've known you forever.  Thank you so much for entrusting this special shoot to me ... the pleasure was all mine *smile*!

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  1. These are so great! My fav is the b&w pic where the dad is holding her wee bum :) SO sweet!

  2. These are awesome Tania. Nicely done. Makes me wanna have another one :(