[family: Jeff, Val & Family.]

Three boys ... now that's a lot of testosterone.  And a lot of fun.

Val emailed me a few months ago, hoping to set up a summer shoot for her family, and I was so on board.  We chose Port Kells park and I started snapping almost immediately.  Their three boys - Joshua, Levi and Jacob - were so full of personality, and were instantly hamming it up for the camera.

I remember these three guys when they were toddlers - running around our church - so this shoot was actually really special to me.  It reminded me that our kids are only kids for so long - they sure grow up fast.

We wandered through the park, stopping here and there for pics.  Each family member mingling with another - different playfights breaking out, different fits of laughter, different random hugs ... 

Jeff and Val have been married for thirteen years, and when I asked to have them on their own for a few minutes for some "just them" pics, it was so sweet at how funny they thought the whole thing was.  I mean, people always feel self conscious with a camera in their face - but these two hadn't had photos like this done in far too long *smile* ... 

I love family photos that are relaxed and show each member's personality ... and I often coach the family along ... with these three boys, it was so easy - they leapt at every moment where they didn't have to be "cheshire cats" smiling into my lens ... they were much more at ease with interacting with each other ...  I never knew what was going to happen *grin*. 

... and hey - boys will be boys.  *grin*

And I'm always amazed at what people do when I say, "ok ... on the count of three ... ".  And my favourite pose to date - Jacob with his head down.  I was laughing ... crazy hard.

Jeff, Val ... spending time with your family was such a treat.  You have raised three fine young men :-) ... and I so enjoyed getting to know each of them.  Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your family with my camera.

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