[family: Lise & the Girls.]

Last week, I had a photoshoot with a buckets of testosterone ... this week?  Estrogen *grin*.  And lots of it ...

Lise emailed me a while back, wanting to get some "beachy" photos with her girls.  All four of 'em ... and they were all so lovely.  Morgan, Emily, Hailey and Faith ... each so full of personality and so excited to get their pics done.

We headed to Crescent Beach, and it was so beautiful.  We found a bench, and had a bunch of spectators sunning themselves while the girls put their best "ANTM" (Americas Next Top Model) moves on ... We kinda got into a wee bit of trouble, though, when a soft-spoken senior warned us of "rot" on the bench's joints.  And mentioned it was a memorial bench.  Eek.  

At least the warning came after these were done.  And honestly? ... I get a lot of people to jump.  But these girls totally outdid themselves *grin* ... 

Then, (oh, Rach - you KNEW it was coming) we were in the middle of setting up the next groupings and our friend Rachel totally made herself known in her hot pink shirt and incredibly contagious laugh ...  And Rach even made a couple of the candid photos *grin*. 

I've known Lise for a long time ... a very long time - like "summer youth camp" long time.  But our paths haven't crossed in while, so seeing her girls was crazy.  I remember hanging out at my high school BFF's house, and Lise was there with her lovely little Morgan - a newborn.  And now looking at her, talking with her ... it was crazy.  She's a woman now.

I can't say enough about these girls ... I have the pleasure of taking turns walking and talking with each of them.  They were so polite, so intelligent, so strong.  I was really, truly impressed.  

And I couldn't have taken a bad photo of them, if I tried.
There is so much more to share ... I'm going to have to do another post.  

Hmmm ... ok ... maybe a few more for this one ...

The girls loved the idea of some "model" poses ... so I lined 'em up and had them all put on their fiercest "non-looking" pose ... and it caused some giggles *grin*.

Ok ... that's all I have room for right now ... there'll be a Part II tomorrow.  Hmm.  Hopefully ... I have an engagement shoot this afternoon and also a BFF  shoot from yesterday to edit.  And I have a 7th birthday scavenger-hunt party to plan for Thursday.  And a songlist to turn it.

But I'm getting way off topic here ... 

Come back for some more moments with this incredible group of ladies *grin* ... 

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  1. Love the Pictures. Better than I could do and that is saying alot!!!!

  2. :-) thanks for the compliment ... do I know you?