[family: Lise & The Girls - Part 2.]

Part 2.

We continued our walk down Crescent Beach and little Faith was beginning to get tired of my camera.  She put on a brave face ... but once we got to the sand, she had enough.  This young lady did not like having dirty feet *smile*.  A true girl. 

But the rest of the girls were still willing to get their pics taken ... they knew how much this meant to their mom.  In fact, each sister would take turns - trying to talk Faith into being excited about this opportunity.  Positive peer pressure, at its best *grin*.

We were all done, and I turned to Lise and asked if there was anything else that she would like taken.  She thought for a moment, and then replied, " ... yes!  I'd like individual pics with each girl."

Say no more.

Lise, girls, I truly had such a great time hanging out with you in the sunshine.  You are all so lovely, so so lovely.  Lise, it is obvious how these girls adore you - and have such a sincere relationship with you.  Be congratulated on a "job well done"!

Thank you for choosing me to take this special moments ... 

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