[weddings: Kin & Kristy ... Part I]

I think I need to join a twelve-step program for my shutter addiction *wink*.    I mean, I knew I was in trouble back when I photographed Kin and Kristy's engagement session last fall ... they were fun, relaxed and incredibly photogenic ... It was no surprise when I finished edited their wedding from last week - and there were almost 800 edited pics in total.


Ah well ... it's all done - and I am SO excited to share with you a small sample of their day ... 

I met Kristy and her flock of girls at the Delta Hotel in Burnaby ... and it was surprisingly calm and quiet in there.  Make up was getting done, Kristy was religiously checking her texts (a girl after my own heart *wink*) ... and it was just so ... relaxed.

Kristy's dress was stunning.  She was stunning.  There's something about a woman who knows she's about to make the best decision of her life ... and you could just see it on Kristy's face.  She was ready to become Kin's wife ... very ready *smile*!

The ceremony was in Richmond ... a good 20-25minute drive.  So I headed over to the picturesque Minoru Chapel.  The rain was holding off and the sun started peaking through ... Loved ones were arriving and everyone was just bubbling with excitement.

With all the laughter and commotion outside, Kin and his group of bandits - I mean, guys *wink - were acting so sophisticated in the back room.  This would prove to be a great facade *laughing* ... they were crazy-witty and full of laughs.

The simple ceremony involved both families, and honestly - one of the best services I've been to.  Their officiator was really, really great ... The whole atmosphere was full of support and it was easy to see that everyone gathered knew that Kin and Kristy were a perfect match ... 

And I don't know about you ... but the photo of the groom as he sees his bride ... gets me every time.

I LOVED the "skill testing question" Kin was asked by the Pastor before they were introduced as husband and wife.  "Kin," he asked in a very slow, stern voice.  "Before I introduce you, you have to answer a very important question."

Kin smiled.

"Kin," he went on, "What is today's date??"

The place erupted in laughter, and Kin answered after a moment's hesitation. "April 16th!!"

Cheers, clapping, and the happy couple ... 

Goodness.  One post - 40+pice ... and there are SO many more to show you ... there will be a "Part 2" to this post SOON.  The portraits, the candids, the reception ... 

Come back y'all, ya hear?  *grin*.

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