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I received an email after meeting Joanne at a child's birthday party.  She was hoping to have a large family photo taken at Thanksgiving, and wondered if I would be interested.

Um.  YAH! *grin*

It was a typical "on-again" "off-again" fall shoot, with the weather being completely unpredictable.  But we went ahead with it, and I drove out to Aldergrove to the most spectacular home and farm.  

I had my gumboots on and I tracked through the property looking for nooks and crannies.  Big blue barns, fields of corn - it was perfectly manicured and rustic all at the same time.  I was really excited.

But once I met the family, I realized that they were all together as a family for the first time in a long time ... and although they really wanted some photos done, they had hoped that it wouldn't take too long as there was dinner and family time to be had.

So - we made it as simple as possible.  A few images were taken in their large family room, and the rest, outside on their front driveway.  This was a sharp looking family, and the grass was a bit mucky (thus, my love for gumboots *grin*) ... They really didn't want to get dirty - especially with the small children - so, the black pavement was really the only option.  

It was a quick, to-the-point shoot with some lovely people.  I hope to get a chance to work with them again, working in sunshine and utilizing their incredible property.

"Mom and Dad" were so sweet ...

The children and spouses ...

Five kids ... and a farm.  This farm has been in the family for decades.  You can't tell me it wasn't a busy house *grin* ... 

On shoots like this, my camera is ready for whatever the client's want.  So - it ended up being a teensy maternity shoot as well.  Why not?  

This was the largest family group I've done to date - and although it didn't take long - I was huffing by the end *grin*.  Getting everyone to look ... well - as you can see - it takes a bit of organizing *grin*.  I so enjoyed this family ... 

Thank you, Joanne, and "B" family members - for letting me crash your family Thanksgiving. It really was a pleasure - and I look forward to more opportunities to photograph you all again *grin*!

For all enquiries, please contact me by heading to my RedHanded Photography site HERE and click "get.in.touch."  Thanks!

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